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Silt Fence and Erosion Control Products

Silt Fence and Erosion Control Products

  1. Wire Back Silt Fence

  2. Field Wire and Welded Wire Mesh

  3. Silt Fence - Fabric Only Rolls

  4. Metal T-Post

  5. Silt Fence Prefabricated w/ wood stakes

  6. Silt Fence Master Rolls

  7. Burlap Rolls

  8. Hog Rings and Pliers


The Erosion EEL holding back silt from 6” of rain within 24 hours on an Energy Company Location Site.

  1. Leno - Poly Jute/Burlap

  2. Sand Bags

  3. Jute Mesh

  4. Orange Plastic Safety Fence

  5. Orange Woven Barrier Fence

  6. Heavy Duty Orange Diamond Safety Fence

  7. Wood Stakes

  8. Sod Staples

  9. Filter Bags / Dewatering Bags

Wire Back Silt Fence

Prefabricated Wire Back Silt Fence

is available in several wire sizes and fabric configurations to meet most state DOT requirements.

Popular roll Sizes: 3'X100', 3'X110' & 3'X330'.

Call for more details - Custom Printing available on all Silt Fence!

Field Wire & Welded Wire Mesh

24" X  100' Welded wire 12.5 awg 2x4
24" X 100'  Welded wire 14.5 awg 2x4
36" X 100'  Welded wire 14.5 awg 4x4
32" X 330' 12.5 DOT Field Wire
32" X 330' 14.5 Field Wire
39" X 330' 14.5 DOT Field Wire
Several other styles and sizes available

Silt Fence "Fabric Only Rolls" for Silt Fence Plows 

We work with McCormick (The Silt Fence Plow), Tommy, Burchland, Bobcat, Ditch Witch Plows & All other brands. 

3' X 1,500'  50 gram Orange Stripe

3' X 1,500'  70 gram Yellow Stripe

3' X 1,500'  100 gram Red, White &Blue Stripe

330', 1000' & Master Rolls available. Rolls are put up using a 3" core.

Custom Printing available on all Silt Fence!

Most states' DOT Silt Fence Available

CMC Standard Studded Silt Fence T-Post

4' & 5' .85,  .95, 1.25 & 1.33 lbs/ft

T-Post available up to 9' in all weights - both

painted and raw - with & without kick plate.

We offer Ag, Vineyard & Grape T-Post.


3' X 100'  50 gram Orange Stripe
3' X 100'  70 gram Yellow Stripe
3' X 100'  100 gram Red, White & Blue Stripe
Available with 11 stake (10' on center),
13 stake (8' o.c.) & 17 stake (6' o.c.) w/ 1 1/4" Nominal Hardword stake pre-attached. Larger Stakes available. DOT Silt Fence available for Most States. Have your Company Name, Logo & Phone # Printed on all Silt Fence. This is a very cost effective form of advertising!

Silt Fence Master Rolls

We have hundreds of master rolls in stock in a variety of gram weights. From one roll to a truckload, Eco Environmental Group is the place to turn to for affordable, quality Silt Fence. Master Rolls:
50 gram Orange Stripe, 70 gram Yellow Stripe, 100 gram Red, White & Blue Stripe
Custom Printing available on all Silt Fence!

Burlap Rolls & Bales 

Eco Environmental Group maintains on of the largest inventories of Burlap in the US! Available in 2000 lyd Bales or 100 lyd rolls.
Sizes: 36", 40", 45", 48", 54", 60" & 72"

Leno - Poly Jute/Burlap

12.5' X 100 lyd Roll
Other sizes available

Poly SandBags

Millions of Sandbags in Stock and ready to ship! 
14.5" X 26" Poly High UV Sandbags with ties
18" X 30" Poly Sandbags
20" X 31" Poly Sandbags
23" X 40" Poly Sandbags
Available in Orange or White.

Jute Mesh Rolls (Soil Saver)

Jute is made from natural fibers of a bamboo-like plant and is rated as one of the most dependable and proven erosion products available. Jute stabilizes the soil and promotes the establishment of permanent vegetation on all types of slopes (road slopes, drainage slopes, landfill slopes, and backyard slopes, etc.) Jute conforms to slope contours and surface irregularities. Jute stabilizes surface soil on slopes with thousands of tiny check dams per square yard. Rolls are 4' X 225' and palletized 12 to a pallet - 48 rolls per tier and 480 rolls per truckload in a standard 53' Van.

Orange Plastic Safety Fence

4' X 100' Orange Great Barrier Brand 
An industry standard for contractors for decades. Affordable and Durable. Use 5' Metal T-Post or 5' Hard Wood Stakes to install.

Orange Woven Barrier Fence

Also known as Tree Save, our Orange Woven Barrier Fence is available in 4' X 100', 4' X 300' Master Rolls & 4' X 100' with pre-attached 5' Hard wood stakes for EZ installation. An Affordable and Durable Alternative to Plastic.

Heavy Duty Orange Diamond Safety Fence

Roll Size: 4’ x 100’
Color: Orange
Weight: 20 lbs. Per roll
Pallet: 16 rolls per pallet
Mesh: Heavy Duty Diamond - Mesh Opening: 1-3/4

“Chain Link Style”

Oak Silt Fence Stakes

1,000 Stakes per Pallet 1 1/4"X1 1/4"X 48"

Used for Silt Fence, Grade Stakes or Wattles.
All Stakes are milled onsite and cut from Hard Wood Red or White Oak! Stakes feature Pencil Points for EZ Installation.  Custom Sizes Available. Can be put up 25 per bundle.

Sod Staples

4" X 1" X 4"     (1,000 per Box)
6" X 1" X 6"     (1,000 per Box)
8" X 1" X 8"     (500 per Box)
12" X 1" X 12"  (500 per Box)

Private Labeling Available 

Filter Bags / Dewatering Bags

Also known as Sediment Bags or Dirt Bags

Standard Sizes:

6' X 6' - 10' X 15' - 15' X 15'

All bags are made from 8oz Non Woven Geotextile Fabric. The stitching is a Durable Double Thread Chain Stitch Custom Sizes are available, please call for details.

Spring Loaded Hog Ring Pliers


Hog Ring Pliers are used to attach Silt Fence Fabric to the Field or Welded Wire when Wire Back Silt Fence is required. Spring-Loaded Pliers allows for faster application of the Hog Rings therefore using less man hours.

C-Rings are used with Spring Loaded Hog Ring Pliers. They are inserted just like a common desk stapler. There are 10 boxes of 2500ea. per case. C-Rings are sold by the case only.  Manual Pliers and Rings are also available.